Jason Allen


Author of the forthcoming novel The East End
(Park Row Books/HarperCollins, May 2019)
“What a delicious pot of trouble Jason Allen has cooked up in this debut novel! He’s a hell of a writer, negotiating deftly the psychological landscape of his characters as they struggle to make the right decisions under pressure. Every page is filled with wise insights about social class and the human heart.”
 –Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award Finalist for American Salvage
“An intense, heart-pounding experience from the first page, with brilliant, complex characters more real than people I actually know. I challenge you to put this novel down once you start reading.”
 –Simon Van Booy, award winning author of The Sadness of Beautiful Things
“Allen has created a fascinating, kinetic, and insightful look at America’s unspoken caste system of class, where great wealth and poverty come with deep emotional roots. Characters bound by family, defined by place, and divided by great fortune converge in The East End with all the friction of envy and deep longing. I was constantly surprised by the psychological depth of each character and how quickly my sympathies widened to take them all in.”
 –Devin Murphy, National Bestselling author of The Boat Runner and Tiny Americans